“Don't start a diet that has an expiration date,

focus on a lifestyle that will last forever”

- Source unknown




"Helping my clients achieve their fitness goals and feel like the best version of themselves is my passion. I started Bondi Personal Training in 2013 to provide my clients with an outdoor alternative to working out in the gym and to offer intimate group training where classes are kept small to allow focus on individuals.  


I see so many large group training sessions where there are simply not enough trainers to ensure each exercise is done correctly or safely, therefore potentially doing more harm than good. My classes all have 3 fundamental principles: fast results, focus on form and a friendly supportive atmosphere.


We are lucky enough to live in the beautiful city of Sydney where we enjoy an amazing climate and access to a multitude of public open spaces. Taking the gym environment outdoors provides more stimulus, natural light and fresh air - all of which make the hard work more enjoyable.


There are no shortcuts when it comes to getting fit. When you make the decision to hop out of bed to workout in the mornings, your lifestyle must change accordingly, including eating and drinking habits. Your commitment to the journey is paramount and one which will become easier and more rewarding the further you go. I am here to push you down the path to a brighter future in everything you do. It's my job."





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